Ahmed Hassan
Kuwait City, Kuwait
Ahmed Hassan is an Egyptian man who has an comprehensive knowledge in innovative learning techniques. He aims to increase the learning opportunities for people.

Amir Mahmoud
Munich, Germany
Energetic Expert
Amir Mahmoud is an Egyptian man who has spent more than 10 years of his life in Germany. Amir aims to provide a link between the European and the Egyptian cultures.

Anna Calledda
Sicily, Italy
Communication Expert and Creative Performer
Anna Calledda is a Italian/Danish woman who has an considerable expertise in strategic and conscious communication. She aims to increase the awareness of communication building high-trust relations.

Arno van den Heever
Johannes Burg, South Africa
IT Consultant
Arno van den Heever is a South African man who has an extensive entrepreneurship and IT experience. He aims to ensure economic transparancy in projects and activities.

Bent Raymond Joergensen
Copenhagen, Denmark
Economist, Historian and Author
Bent Raymond Joergensen is a Danish man who has a considerable knowledge about economy and world history. He aims to provide insight on world changes.

Henrik Georg Bohr
Copenhagen, Denmark
Professor and Director
Henrik Georg Bohr is a Danish man who has an extensive research exprience. His main fields of research activity are Molecular Biophysics, Physical Chemistry, Mathematical Physics, Neuro-biology and Biomolecular spectroscopy.

Ingrid Ann Watson
Copenhagen, Denmark
Couples Therapist, Author and Lecturer
Ingrid Ann Watson is an American/Danish woman  who has more than 20 years of experience with effective communication. She aims to improve the communication between couples.

Nahed Ismail
Dahab, Egypt
Hotel Owner and Manager
Nahed Ismail is a Egyptian/Swiss woman who has spent the majority of her life in Switzerland. She aims to provide a link between the Egyptian and the European cultures.

Wael Darwish
Manama, Bahrain
Founder and Managing Director
Wael is an Egyptian man who has many years of experience in event and venue management and consulting. He aims to ensure quality events.

Natasha Lajevardi
Aarhus, Denmark
Concept Developer, Coach and Lecturer
Natasha Lajevardi is an Iranian/Danish woman who has comprehensive experience in concepts development. She aims to develop concepts and conceptualizes the capabilities required to support them.


More advisory board members to come.


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